I had my fastest burnout yet and how it might be good for you too

At the beginning of the year, I set multiple goals which were in my mind, very tempered. Start doing yoga regularly, maintain a healthy diet, write every day, take days off and take care of myself.

But plans never survive contact with the enemy. The enemy I faced was change. And I charged head on and lost. And it is fine.

A crude sketch depicting a phoenix rising from chaotic lines.
Chaos Pheonix

Here is what I trying and learning from my fastest ever burn out:

  • Acknowledge and identify stress sources — no work problem, no personal disagreement is too small. Note them down and keep in mind that they will take time from your day.
  • Take a break, prioritise it — some things in life cannot wait, but those that can — place them on hold for a day or two or a week. And ignore the FOMO that will overwhelm you at some point. That is when you are finally slowing down enough.
  • No shame in restarting or dropping things you had set for yourself — so here I am, starting with writing again. Slowly, baby steps. And if it does not work, it does not work.


Burn quickly, rest in the ashes and get back up better than before.

Until next time, thank you!

Thanks so much for reading!

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